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Hans Leckuchner Durer Fiore Dei Liberi
German Italian Liechtenauer
Mair Marozzo Meyer
Tallhoffer Thibault
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Marozzo Cut, Fabric Bandana Fiore Baton Cold Steel Roundel Dagger - Plastic
A simple 20"x20" cotton fabric Bandana that you can hang on the wall or anything at all.
This series of staves are made with 2 layers of impact grade hickory laminated together to 1" (25mm) diameter.

Lightweight training roundel made out of black polypropylene plastic.

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German Dagger Fighting, Vol 1,  DVD German Dagger Fighting, Vol 2,  DVD Roundel Dagger - Oak
German Dagger Fighting, Vol 1, DVD
Price: $25.00
Sale Price: $22.50

German Dagger Fighting, Vol 2, DVD
Price: $25.00
Sale Price: $22.50

Roundel Dagger - Oak
Price: $24.00

This wooden training dagger, or rondel, is shown in the Meyer plates and mentioned in other manuals.
The Medieval Dagger Vol. 1 by Guy Windsor German Longsword Study Guide Sickle, Tactile Blade Trainer Grey
Mastering the Art of Arms Volume 1
The Medieval Dagger
by Guy Windsor
German terminology guide
Sickle - Synthetic Trainer Grey Fiore Dei Liberi Segno Wall Art, Black/Silver, 10"x10" Medieval Armoured Combat (Paperback) The 1450 Fencing Manuscript from New Haven

A 10"x10" (fake) leather canvas wall art of of Fiore dei Liberi cutting diagram and the four virtues of a sword fighter. The Segno animals. Prudence, Celerity, Audacity, and Fortitude.

Its a 1" thick frame with a sharktooth hanger included.

Custom designs are available. Contact us!
Dussack Meyer Broad Trainer Dussack Meyer Broad Trainer Durer's Fightbook
Durer's Fightbook
Price: $45.00

An inexpensive trainer for basic training, based on Meyer prints..

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Based on Meyer's 1561 manual, this dussack is a little longer and a little thinner in the blade.

An inexpensive trainer for basic training, based on Meyer prints..

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Short Staff - Laminated Hickory - Round 1" x 72" (6ft) Book of Fencing Skills, Mair Gift Set: 2 Oak Roundel Daggers & The Medieval Dagger
Setup appears for Oversize Shipping charge.
. Set of 2 daggers and Guy Windsor's Medieval Dagger book.
Rotella Spear - 1-1/8" x 6ft - Spear Tip & Round Blunt Gift Set: 2 Roundel Daggers & DVD German Dagger Fighting
Large shield used in many schools, including Greek, Bolognese, and viking.
DVD and Dagger set
Talhoffer Buckler Pentti Messer V4 Steel Longsword with Pear Pommel
Pentti Messer V4
Price: $115.00

The "Talhoffer" buckler is well known from Talhoffer's "Fechtbuch" illustrations. The unusual curled holly-leaf shape, with its fluting and spikes, is a fairly radical departure from the norm but it serves well as a memento of this famous fight master.

Fiore Tournament Longsword Marozzo Style Two-handed sword Feder Harnischfechten Sword

Sword design based on Marozzo.