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We are a very active company in the HEMA, Mixed Weapons Martial Arts, SCA, WMA, FMA, etc, community shipping and flying out of the North Houston, TX USA area to events worldwide. Internet mostly, and visits to the warehouse by appointment. We go to 8-10 events yearly with a load of new items. You can also find us as vendors with tables of merchandise at seminars, conventions, tournaments, and training camps. We continually expand our online catalog as customers give us recommendations for new ideas and products. We try to feature products that have wide appeal, but we encourage you to e-mail us with any suggestions that you may have!

In recent years we have expanded our product line to sparring swords and protective gear. We have engineered the finest sparring long and short swords in the world, and these are being used at tournaments all over the world. We are now importing the best protective gear to make this martial art safer and more available to everyone.

We are still a small family-run business. We are not like Amazon or some other shop that simply takes swords out of a container and puts them in a box. We work between the customer and the manufacture to create the highest quality training swords. Usually your sword is made to order, so please allow us time to make your items. HEMA is growing at a rate that has taken many manufacturers by surprise, so even some of the well-established companies are having difficulty keeping up with demand. If your order is not shipped in 3-4 days, please understand that some of the items we stock are being made half-way around the world by small businesses just like us. We are all trying to equip the HEMA market as quickly as we can!

You can always contact us with questions using the Contact Us
page. You can also call or text 713-857-4921 and I will do my best to answer any questions.

-Natasha Darce'

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Based in Houston, Texas, USA - but we ship all over the world! All prices/quotes/shipping charges are in USD.