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Sharp HEMA Longsword Competition Sharp Longsword Pear, V3

Competition Sharp made by Viktor Berbekucz in Hungary.

Price: $350.00
Sharp Longsword Competition Sharp Longsword V3 Disc

Competition Sharp with Disc pommel made by Viktor Berbekucz in Hungary.

Price: $350.00

Hanging Brass Pell, Pendelziel Hanging Brass Pell, Pendelziel

Pendelziel or "hanging/pendulum target", from Johannes Bierchenauwer's 1556 treatise of which very little is know.

Heavy brass give the techniques good feedback when rolling the pell along the strong and weak sections of your blade. The soft brass allows you to make small cuts into the brass for a perfect binding sensation without any damage to your sharp sword.

Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $139.99

Case for a Sword, up to 47" Long Case for a Sword, up to 47" Long

Hard plastic case with foam padding to protect your sharp sword from damage during transport.
Works for all Techniques swords and Type 18 Sharp.

Price: $26.95

Sword Maintenance Bag Maintenance Kit, Steel Swords

A small kit to help maintain steel swords.
Include an awesome storage bag, oil, sanding pad, file for burrs, oil rag.

And if you care...
Storage Bag, Made in USA.
Oil, Bottled in USA, Made in Germany.
Sanding Pad, Moderate, Made in USA
File, Made in USA or Canada
Oil Rag, Printed in USA, (made in China, working on that)

Price: $24.00