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Rubber Spear Tip for Martial Arts PHA Spear Tip - Single

Purpleheart Armoury Exclusive Rubber Spear Tip.

Price: $32.50
Sale Price: $25.99

Viking Sword of the 10th Century-Light Viking Western Style, Light, 10th Century

Steel Viking Trainer made by Viktor Berbekucz in Hungary.

Price: $184.00

Viking Western Style Light, 9th Century, H Viking Western Style Light, 9th Century, H

Steel Viking sword made by Viktor Berbekucz in Hungary. Reenactment Light Version.

Price: $184.00

Sabre "D" Guard Sabre "D" Guard

Wider blade Sabre made for Purpleheart Armoury by VB in Hungary.

Mostly designed for a hilt that large SPES gloves can fit into for maximum hand protection. The D-hilt or Stirup guard is based on a couple designs like the 1796/1803 light cavalry saber, or an Austria-Hungarian sabre also has a similar hilt.

The blade has a nice deep curve, more than our other wider military sabre.

V5 - We have done lots of prototypes over the last year to get this right.

See Sizing tab for more information.

Price: $249.99
Gymnasium Sabre V3 Gymnasium Sabre V3

Lighter sabre made by VB

Price: $255.00

Fiore Tournament Feder Fiore Tournament Feder, Rev A

Steel Feder made by VB in Hungary.

Price: $269.00

Meyer Feathersword Meyer Feathersword

Designed for Training and moderate drill with an instructor. The flex passes SCA cut & Thrust Rules. Future version will also pass rapier rules.

Price: $279.00