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HEMA Training Longsword Type III Pentti Longsword 47.5" OAL

Type III Pentti 47.5" Longsword

Price: $108.00

Longsword for Martial Arts Meyer Federschwert Longsword Grey

Now Available! Type III Longsword with Steel Pommel and Guard in Grey Blade

Price: $108.00

Pentti Messer V4 Pentti Messer V4


Price: $115.00
Sale Price: $109.95

Type III Pentti Longsword 50" White Type III Pentti Longsword 50" White

Limited run of white blades. Grey is the standard, but white works well as 'event swords', when used as loaners in tournaments.
The pommel will be the pentii mild steel pommel, and solid cross guard.

Price: $111.00