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If you use anonymous checkout, you may not get an order confirmation, but to send us an email we need an order number or the name of the purchaser in the subject line.

General Customer Service: Order Changes, Tracking, Inventory Inquiries, Returns, Exchanges: [email protected]

All Engraving order questions, Rudis Layouts and Help: [email protected]

General Information, billing, custom items: [email protected]


Before emailing, please see if your question is one of these Frequently Asked Questions:

Engraving/Rudis/Award FAQ:

Where do I submit my engraving instructions?

Please send order number and instructions in an email to [email protected]

How fast can you ship an order?
We can overnight orders if placed early enough in the day, but you must contact us directly for approval (chat or call). Our normal turnaround is 10 business days to ship, any faster and you must pay the Expedited Fee, select on the item individually.

HEMA/Everything else FAQ:

What does it mean if my order says 'Processing'?
Your order is not quite ready to ship yet. We are either making your item, or waiting for it to arrive from one of our suppliers, or simply haven't had time to get to it yet. Please allow 5 business days before checking in on an order, we have stock arriving from various suppliers, and we are making items daily. Please allow time for us to get to your order before inquiring if it has shipped.

What items are 'in stock'?
Technically, everything is in stock.... Not really, but everything is either on the shelf, being made especially for you, or being made by one of our vendors for you. If you ever need something urgently, please email us first, or text me first, we are at a level that we don't get through all of our shippable orders in a day or two. Some items are listed as 'pre-order' or you may not be able to order an item and it will show out of stock. Those items we know are going to be delayed a bit and don't want the order hanging out in our cart for a few weeks. For those items you can usually sign up to be notified when put in stock.

Basically, we are not Amazon, we don't have dozens of warehouses filled with items ready to go, we make batches of items (Type-III swords and trainers for example) and then order SPES items (color and/or custom) when we get the order from you, and they can take a few weeks to arrive.