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Sidesword HEMA Sword Sidesword HEMA Sword Sidesword Firenze II, RA

Bolognese Sidesword Basic Trainer V1 Bolognese Sidesword, RA, Custom Build Meyer Rappier

Sidesword, Signorelli Op II, MM Firenze 1, Sidesword, RA, Custom Build Full Contact Sidesword, RA, Custom Build

Sidesword, Marozzo, MM Chevalier, No.1, Right Hand, MM Duelist, No.1, Right Hand

Duelist, No.2, Right Hand Cinquedea Dagger Trainer Marozzo Bolognese Long Dagger Trainer
Cinquedea Dagger Trainer
Price: $39.50


. The blade does not flex on thrusting, but provides good simulation for moderate level training.

Order 4 or more for 15% discount.

See Sizing tab for more information.
Rappier, Basic Trainer, Right Hand Falchion Renaissance Basic Trainer The Art & Practice of 16th-Century German Fencing

The Art & Practice of 16th-Century German Fencing
A guide to the use of Joachim Meyer's Rappier
Meyer Rappier