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Lasso Hilt Rapier Rada Cup Hilt Rapier Cup Hilt Rapier VB, V2
Cup Hilt Rapier VB, V2
Price: $299.00

Lasso Hilt Rapier made by Bellatore

The rapier “Rada” is designed to be a standard practice model. It’s dimensions taken from the book “Experience of the Sword” by Francisco Lorenz de Rada are ideal for the practice of later Destreza. From Francisco Antonio de Ettenhard in 1675 to Rodríguez del Canto in 1725, a period of fifty years, they are preferred by the maestros of the Verdadera Destreza of the late seventeenth century. Inspired by original pieces, it seeks a compromise between practical simplicity and the aesthetics of historical models.

The rapier sword “Rada” is adapted to the hand of the fencer following the specifications of the master. This results in a perfect and comfortable grip for practicing Destreza. The blades are flexible for secure lunges without shaking or yielding when an Atajo is applied.

Cup Hilt Rapier made for us by Vicktor Berbekucz in Hungary
Cup Hilt Rapier Rappier, Basic Trainer, Right Hand Proper Desc of Thrust-Fencing with the Single Rapier
Cup Hilt Rapier made by Bellatore

Proper Description of Thrust-Fencing with the Single Rapier

by: Johann Georg Pascha

Book of Lessons from Pedro De Heredia Basic Trainer Rapier, V1 Lessons on the Thrust by Reinier van Noort
. Plastic Rapier Trainer.

V1- Production model, straight guard.

Lessons on the Thrust: An English translation of Jéann Daniel L'Ange's Deutliche und grindliche Erklärung der adelichen und ritterlichen freyen Fecht-Kunst
Translated by Reinier van Noort
Nut, VB, Rapier, Sidesword
Nut for VB Rapier, Sidesword and a few V1 (old) Sabres.

Uses small allen wrench.