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SPES Sellsword Light Jacket 350N
SPES Sellsword Light Jacket 350N - Image 1 of 0
SPES Sellsword Light Jacket 350N - Image 2 of 0
SPES Sellsword Light Jacket 350N - Image 3 of 0
SPES Sellsword Light Jacket 350N - Image 1 of 0
SPES Sellsword Light Jacket 350N - Image 2 of 0
SPES Sellsword Light Jacket 350N - Image 3 of 0
SPES Sellsword Light Jacket 350N - Image 4 of 0
SPES Sellsword Light Jacket 350N - Image 1 of 0
SPES Sellsword Light Jacket 350N - Image 2 of 0
SPES Sellsword Light Jacket 350N - Image 3 of 0
SPES Sellsword Light Jacket 350N - Image 4 of 0
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SPES Sellsword Light Jacket 350N

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This item is made to order. Allow 12-16 weeks for delivery.
Product Code: SPES-J.Sellsword
Choose your options:
Color for Trim
Color for Trim:
Not the belt show on the Kaftan picture. But a simple 60" long Leather Belt.
Size Chart Coding if Custom
Size Chart Coding if Custom(optional):
We will not stock these, so they'll be made to order. Figure about 9-12 weeks for delivery.

Custom trim and sizing is not available at this time. Feb 2024.

The chest area has foam padding is is just like the AP Light.

Step into the world of powerful wizards, mysterious creatures, and dangerous adventures with the AP Sellsword Light 350N! Created for enthusiasts of historical fencing, as well as fans of books and RPG games, it was developed in collaboration with David Miller from Sellsword Arts based on the AP Light Plus 350N with a touch of fantasy flair.
Whether you're just beginning your HEMA journey or are an experienced fencer, our jacket meets expectations for training. Designed for traditionalists refining skills with sabers or rapiers, and for those expanding training experiences with federschwert – the jacket is ready for any challenge when equipped with additional overlays like Shell, PRO, or our Plastrons.

Elongated HEMA jacket - stylish and practical

Featuring a long cut extending just below the knee, the jacket fastens with a velcro strap and zipper. It includes a blade catcher at the collar and red trim on the bottom, sleeves, and front flap. The jacket has slits at the bottom, front, back, and sides. With adjustable waist straps at the back and elbow attachments for additional overlays like Shell or PRO, the jacket combines functionality with a unique appearance.

Inspired by the fantasy realm...

To capture the essence of fantasy games, we opted for an extended version with angled segments. The cuts enhance the jacket's character without sacrificing mobility during training. Elastic cuts at the bottom and sides provide freedom of movement, while the waist strap allows customization. The Sellsword jacket is made from 350N materials.

This unique jacket not only delivers functionality but also a distinctive look, making you stand out on the training floor!

For fans of the renowned monster slayer, SPES introduces the AP Sellsword Light 350N jacket with an extraordinary design.

Transport yourself to a fantastical world from ancient novels and games, adding a touch of magic to your fencing adventures. Ready for an extraordinary fencing experience? Choose this jacket!

When checking out using the Custom Size option, include your measurements (according to the Sizing chart in the adjacent tab) in the Comment section during checkout. Do not use punctuation (except decimals) and enter measurements in centimeters (it's made in Europe!) ALL MEASUREMENTS MUST BE INCLUDED.

See Sizing tab for more information.

Main features of SPES HEMA Kaftan:
- double fastening,
- strap on the back,
- 3D mesh lining + pockets with foams,
- elbow fastenings,
- slits at the bottom, front, back, and sides,
- 350N material.
Material: Cotton
Weight: 4.6lbs / 2.1kg

New policy: we are imposing a $25+ restocking fee on any return, exchange OR change in the open order for any special color (not black) on any SPES jacket or pants.
So please review your orders carefully and be sure you leave yourself time for your order to arrive if you want custom work, usually 12-16 weeks.
Multi-color options. Chart available HERE.


Expand chest when measuring. Add 1" (25mm) if you plan on using a chest plate.

Jacket Lengths:


Measurement typeMeasurement taking method
Please write all 11 measurements in the "Order Comments" section during checkout and include the letter designations for each line. Please use metric measurements (cm) and no punctuation.
A1 HeightTaken from bottom of foot to top of the head
C2 Arm lengthTaken from end of shoulder to wrist, outside, with bent arm
C3 Biceps CircumferenceTaken with bent arm and tense muscles
C4 Forearm CircumferenceTaken around the largest point of the forearm
C5 Wrist CircumferenceTaken at wrist joint level
CircumferenceTaken at armpit level (women's jackets - on bust level)
D2 Shoulders widthTaken on the back, between arm-shoulder connection points
D3 Back widthTaken at armpit level
D4 Distance neck - navelTaken from navel to bottom line of neck
D5 Abdominal CircumferenceTaken at the level of the belly button (navel)
D7 Hips CircumferenceTaken at hip joint level
N1 Neck Circumference
Taken near Adams apple or middle of neck.

Include measurements in cm and no punctuation in comment box at checkout.

This item is made to order. Please allow 9-12 weeks for delivery.


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