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SPES AP Plus Light Jacket
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SPES AP Plus Light Jacket - Image 1 of 0
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SPES AP Plus Light Jacket - Image 1 of 0
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SPES AP Plus Light 350N, Mens

86 Reviews
Product Code: SPES-Jacket-LT
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SPES AP Plus Light Fencing Jacket 350N

Black is typically stocked, but there may be delays in restock shipments. Email to verify size is in stock if needed soon. Custom size, color, and left-handed jackets are make to order - please allow 12-16 weeks for delivery.

When checking out using the Custom Size option, include your measurements (according to the Sizing chart in the adjacent tab) in the Comment section during checkout or email to [email protected].
VERY IMPORTANT - if following the video guide, you must still send me ONLY the measurements shown in the chart (11 numbers) Do not use punctuation and enter measurements in centimeters (it's made in Europe!) ALL MEASUREMENTS MUST BE INCLUDED.

See Sizing tab for more information.

Light fencingjacket based on the popular "AP" 350N model. Besides the features like anoverlap in the front, bladecatcher, hard form protection, the "AP Light" is characterized by low weight, breathable construction, adjustable waistand extra pockets with foams. What is more, this jacket is thinnerthan the regular "AP" but still made from 350N puncture resistance fabric.Its lining allows heat and moisture removal and has the antibacterialfunction.

On sleeves you canfind pockets for additional elbow protectors. Thanks toextra pockets for the foam, you can modify ribs, shoulders, andfront. This feature allows using this jacket in lighttraining, as well as tournaments.

- 350N punctureresistance certificate
- Low weight

- Pockets forfoams
- Breathablelining with antibacterial function

- Bladecatcher

- Pockets for elbowprotectors

- Adjustable waist

Multi-color options. Chart available HERE.

Washing Information is HERE.

    AP Fencing Jacket

    AP "Light" Fencing Jacket





    2,5 kg – 3,5 kg/ heavier

    1,6 kg – 1,9 kg/ lighter

    Basic layer offilling/amortization

    Thicker on the wholesurface;
    protecting more body areas

    Thinner; ensuresbetter mobility

    Additional inneramortization layer


    Pockets withremovable foams; changable
    level of amortization on shoulders, front andribs


    Standard; moredifficult
    because of thicker amortization layer

    Good moisture andheat removal,
    antibacterial lining


    Handwash or chemicalwash; longer drying

    Laundry wash; shorterdrying

    Additional fittingto the size


    Extra strip on theback– adjustable waist


    Quilted withamortization layer

    Thin; recommendedadditional protection



    Pockets for additional
    elbow protectors

    Design for

    Intensive training and tournaments as well as
    HEMA beginners

    manykinds of training.

    #1. Does the AP Light Jacket offer adequate protection for the full range of HEMA styles from longsword to rapier? I know it offers less then the regular style but I'm just curious how scaled down that protection is in comparison.
    PHA> If you are doing ALL HEMA, its a good choice. Its less impact resistant than the AP, but more than the officer. Range of motion is also somewhat in-between.

    #2. Is the light variant made from the same material as the regular SPES jacket? If not, what material?
    PHA> It has more synthetic materials, including a open cell foam that is fairly breathable.

    #3. Lastly, how significant is it in terms of the reduction of heat compared to the regular style?
    PHA> Significant. Because of the open foam, mostly in the back.

    Ultimately, I want a jacket that still is protective for all styles of HEMA combat but does not overheat excessively, as I will be practicing outside as well. Of the two, the SPES Axel Jacket V2.0 or the SPES AP Light 350N, which would you recommend?
    PHA> The light for sure. You may get a few more bruises, but you will be cooler and have better motion.

    New policy: we are imposing a $25 restocking fee on any return, exchange OR change in the open order for any special color (not black) on any SPES jacket or pants.
    So please review your orders carefully and be sure you leave yourself time for your order to arrive if you want custom work, usually 4 weeks. I try to have black jackets and pants in stock at all times!
    Multi-color options. Chart available HERE.


    Expand chest when measuring. Add 1" (25mm) if you plan on using a chest plate.


    Measurement typeMeasurement taking method
    Please write all 11 measurements in the "Order Comments" section during checkout and include the letter designations for each line. Please use metric measurements (cm) and no punctuation.
    A1 HeightTaken from bottom of foot to top of the head
    C2 Arm lengthTaken from end of shoulder to wrist, outside, with bent arm
    C3 Biceps CircumferenceTaken with bent arm and tense muscles
    C4 Forearm CircumferenceTaken around the largest point of the forearm
    C5 Wrist CircumferenceTaken at wrist joint level
    D1 Chest CircumferenceTaken at armpit level (women's jackets - on bust level)
    D2 Shoulders widthTaken on the back, between arm-shoulder connection points
    D3 Back widthTaken at armpit level
    D4 Distance neck - navelTaken from navel to bottom line of neck
    D5 Abdominal CircumferenceTaken at the level of the belly button (navel)
    D7 Hips CircumferenceTaken at hip joint level
    N1 Neck Circumference
    Taken near Adams apple or middle of neck.

    Include measurements in cm and no punctuation in comment box at checkout.
    Stocked items ship quickly, custom size and/or color jackets may take 12-16 weeks. Payment up front for these orders.


    Average Rating:
    ( 86 )
    Kevin from Northeast USA
    January 1, 2024
    Users found this review helpful:
    The Gold Standard, for a reason.
    I have had the AP light for about 5 months. I have used this in pretty high intensity longsword sparring, and brought it to a longsword tournament. At the time of writing, I got a custom size, and custom color, which I highly recommend. Compared to the AP Plus, its significantly more ventilated and more mobile. It doesn't tank the hits quite as well as heavier jackets, but I think you should be us
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    Gabe from Austin Tx
    November 29, 2023
    Great Experience
    Ordered a custom jacket, order process was easy and well defined. Turn around time was faster than expected. Quality is great. Would recommend!!
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    Allen Ferraudo from Brighton, MA United States
    October 31, 2023
    Best chat support ever!
    I had a best support to chose my hema jacket and purpleheart team sent me it fast. I like the product because it fit very well on my body. Thank you all!
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    Brady Crouse from Monroe, WA United States
    October 17, 2023
    The Purpleheart Armoury gave me a quality product that I could readily use for HEMA sparring, and delivered in a short period of time. However, what stuck out to me the most was the amazing customer service! I would personally like to thank Jade Nguyen for all of the help that they gave me!
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    Sam Keiser from Austin, TX United States
    October 17, 2023
    Great Jacket
    Fits great, is super light. Feels like Im wearing a normal shirt while sparring
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