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Sidesword, Signorelli Op II, MM

Sidesword, Signorelli 3, Bulb Pommel, MM

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Product Code: MM.Signorelli3.Bulb
Malleus Martialis Signorelli,
Configuration 3
Bulb pommel, two small ports, narrow blade

The Soldier’s Choice

The Signorelli Opera II represents an enhanced iteration of our original Signorelli model, preserving its traditional nimbleness and essential design while incorporating project innovations. In its present setup, it offers the choice of one or two compact ports for enhanced protection, while the lack of knuckle bow makes it fitting for any kind of gloves and ambidextrous in any configuration. The newly designed hilt guarantees increased structural integrity, and with its brand new rounded section improves deflection and grants a smoother handling, while preserving the delicate balance between cutting and thrusting capabilities.
Tailored for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), the Signorelli Opera II serves as an outstanding companion to our buckler, targa, parrying dagger or cape, offering a refined and contemporary take on a classic design.

The Signorelli is our lightest sidesword, agile and swift, offering different levels of protection based on the number of small ports;
The Marozzo features a broad blade and has a stronger presence in the bind, while still providing some protection with a single small port, although it remains a lightweight model;
The Duelist, similar to the Marozzo, presents a stronger bind presence due to the wider blade. It feels more centered towards the hand because of the heavier, more protected crossguard.

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- 1 Year Warranty
Configuration 2 Bulb pommel, one small port, narrow blade

16th century
Blade Typology: Diamond narrow blade with thick rounded ricasso
Cross: Straight with finger rings, no knuckle bow
Overall Length: 99-104-109 cm (depending on the three blade lengths available)
Max Blade Width: Narrow 2.4 cm
Cross Width: 22 cm
Grip Length: 8 cm (pommel not included)
PoB: 11.5 cm from cross
Edge Thickness: 2 mm
Weight: 950 – 980 gr.
Tip: Thickened
Hardening: 50 HRC


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