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Radaelli Sabre V1

Radaelli Sabre V1

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Product Code: VB.Radaelli
Radaelli Sabre make for Purpleheart Armoury by VB in Hungary.

Based on Instruction for Handling and Fencing with the Sabre by Captain Settimo Del Frate. 1868

See Sizing tab for more information.
- Heat treated guard
- strong flexible blade.
- standard sword used for a full tournament at MCHO, Denver 2019.
6 Months Warranty: DETAILS HERE
Overall Length: 38" (965mm)
1.84lbs (0.83kg)
Blade Length: 31.75" / 806mm
Blade at its thickness: Apx. 0.175"
Average width: 0.625"
Point of Balance: 4" / 100mm
Thrust: 20 lbs for 6" deflection (medium/light)
SCA Flex Test: 7/8" on 6oz. PASS
Pommel: Threaded


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