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HEMA Kaftan Jacket
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HEMA Kaftan Jacket - Image 1 of 0
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HEMA Kaftan Jacket - Image 1 of 0
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SPES Kaftan Jacket 350N

24 Reviews
This item is made to order. Allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.
Product Code: SPES-J.Kaftan
Choose your options:
Light Grey
Dark Grey
Color for Trim
Color for Trim:
Black 10
Red 10
White 10
Orange 10
Maroon 10
Brown 10
Light Grey 10
Dark Grey 10
Dark Blue 10
Green 10
Dark Green 10
Yellow 10
Purple 10
Not the belt show on the Kaftan picture. But a simple 60" long Leather Belt.
Accessories 2:
Arming Straps 11 BLACK
Arming Straps 11 RED
Arming Straps 11 WHITE
Arming Straps 11 BLUE
Arming Straps 11 YELLOW
Color options for arming straps here:
We will not stock these, so they'll be made to order. Figure about 10-12 weeks for delivery.
- A simple Belt (not as shown in picture) can be purchased here...

The chest area has foam padding is is just like the AP Light.
The skirt has no padding, but just doubled up fabric.

A clothing made from 350N puncture resistance fabric, stylized on the 8th-10th century kaftan reaching the knees.

Our HEMA kaftan is dedicated for both light and intensive training or tournaments. It can be a perfect choice for users recreating fighting techniques of the vikings or the history of Eastern Europe.

This HEMA kaftan has a bladecatcher and asymmetrical tuck on the front, covering the double closure: a zipper and velcros. This solution increases the level of protection during a fight, as one of the closures breaks, the other keeps the kaftan together, covering the front of the body.

Inside, on the torso and shoulders, there are pockets with additional cushioning foams. What’s unusual is that the kaftan does not have an adjustable strap on the back. It increases the freedom of movement during fight, the level of protection, and it gives an interesting look. NOTE - the kaftan has an additional amortization from the waist down!

This HEMA gear has a specific design - on the tuck, lower edge and sleeve edges you can notice a blue trim. What is more, this clothing does not have stitches on the outside.

In comparison to most HEMA jackets, this gear is significantly longer. The use of side gussets makes it similar to historical kaftans from the East.

Sources of our HEMA kaftan
Our HEMA kaftan was inspired by the former Rus kaftansfrom the 8th-10th century, coming from the area of North and Eastern Europe. The popularity of this clothing is proved by iconography and archeological findings. Similar clothing occurred also in Asia.

Similar protection was worn up to the 15th century, especially in the Eastern Europe. It was worn regardless of social class. The status and wealthiness of a wearer were underlined by the rich decorations and fabrics used in the garment.

When checking out using the Custom Size option, include your measurements (according to the Sizing chart in the adjacent tab) in the Comment section during checkout. Do not use punctuation (except decimals) and enter measurements in centimeters (it's made in Europe!) ALL MEASUREMENTS MUST BE INCLUDED.

See Sizing tab for more information.

Main features of SPES HEMA Kaftan:
  • Protection equivalent to the AP Light Jacket.
  • The longest of SPES jackets
  • Bladecatcher and double closure: zipper + velcros
  • Inner pockets for cushioning foams
  • Unique design - blue trim on the edges
  • Increased protection from the waist down
  • Stylized on the former Rus kaftan
  • Fabric is certified 350N puncture resistant.
  • Washing Information is HERE.

Material: Cotton
Weight: 4.6lbs / 2.1kg

New policy: we are imposing a $25+ restocking fee on any return, exchange OR change in the open order for any special color (not black) on any SPES jacket or pants.
So please review your orders carefully and be sure you leave yourself time for your order to arrive if you want custom work, usually 12-16 weeks.
Multi-color options. Chart available HERE.


Expand chest when measuring. Add 1" (25mm) if you plan on using a chest plate.

Jacket Lengths:

XS - 104cm

S - 105cm

M - 106cm

L - 107cm

XL - 108cm

XXL - 110cm


Measurement typeMeasurement taking method
Please write all 11 measurements in the "Order Comments" section during checkout and include the letter designations for each line. Please use metric measurements (cm) and no punctuation.
A1 HeightTaken from bottom of foot to top of the head
C2 Arm lengthTaken from end of shoulder to wrist, outside, with bent arm
C3 Biceps CircumferenceTaken with bent arm and tense muscles
C4 Forearm CircumferenceTaken around the largest point of the forearm
C5 Wrist CircumferenceTaken at wrist joint level
CircumferenceTaken at armpit level (women's jackets - on bust level)
D2 Shoulders widthTaken on the back, between arm-shoulder connection points
D3 Back widthTaken at armpit level
D4 Distance neck - navelTaken from navel to bottom line of neck
D5 Abdominal CircumferenceTaken at the level of the belly button (navel)
D7 Hips CircumferenceTaken at hip joint level
N1 Neck Circumference
Taken near Adams apple or middle of neck.

Include measurements in cm and no punctuation in comment box at checkout.

This item is made to order. Please allow 12-16 weeks for delivery.


Average Rating:
( 24 )
Geoffrey Hart from Kingston, Ontario
May 9, 2024
Users found this review helpful:
Nice entry-level gambeson
First practice, and I like it. Sturdy and fits well. Though custom fitting would be better, no complaints about my "off the rack" model. Need to break it in before a final opinion, but it moved well with steel feder and short staff. There's wrist chafing, but it will probably go away as I stretch the fabric. I should have worn a longsleeve shirt. It was 17°C (63°F) and cloudy, and I had no probl
... view more
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Scott R from Lemon Grove, CA United States
March 21, 2024
Users found this review helpful:
Custom Jacket
The jacket fits perfectly, I got a custom pattern and they got it to me faster than they said.
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Anonymous Person from West Virginia
March 11, 2024
Users found this review helpful:
Really good.
I ordered this expecting it to be months away and was surprised to find out it only came one month after ordering. The arm protection is a little lacking but I wanted something light in the arms and got exactly what I wanted, the colors were really nice too. Make sure to order this with a belt and arm protection
Was this review helpful to you?
Matthew from Niceville, FL United States
February 26, 2024
Absolutely Fantastic!
Meets every expectation and exceeds them by a longshot. Excellent craftsmanship and fast delivery time!
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Jacob Smith from Kansas city, MO United States
February 15, 2024
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