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Sidesword, Manciolino

Sidesword, Manciolino, 4, MM

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Product Code: MM.Manciolino.4
Malleus Martialis Marozzo Disc Pommel Sidesword Convex disc pommel

Configuration 4 |Disc pommel, two small port, narrow blade (Soon available)

Handed: Ambidextrous

The Bold Favourite

The Manciolino Opera II represents a sophisticated iteration of our Manciolino sidesword, paying tribute to Maestro Antonio Manciolino. Retaining its historical essence, this sidesword seamlessly combines classic design with contemporary upgrades.
With the option of two small ports, along with its new and improved knuckle-bow designed to redirect the opponent’s blade away from the hand, it enhances the protection of the wielder. This new hilt elevates the Opera II’s potential for deflection and reinforces its structural integrity, all the while maintaining a delicate equilibrium between cutting and thrusting capabilities.
Tailored specifically for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), this sidesword is an excellent companion to our buckler, targa, parrying dagger, or a cape

See Sizing tab for more information.
- 1 Year Waranty
Configuration 1 |Bulb pommel, one small port, narrow blade
Configuration 2 |Disc pommel, one small port, narrow blade (Soon available)
Configuration 3 |
Bulb pommel, two small ports, narrow blade
Configuration 4 |Disc pommel, two small port, narrow blade (Soon available)
16th century
Blade Type: Diamond narrow blade with thick rounded ricasso
Cross: Straight with finger rings, knuckle-bow
Overall Length: 99-104-109 cm (depending on the three blade lengths available)
Handed: Ambidextrous
Max Blade Width: Narrow 2.4 cm
Cross Width: 22 cm
Grip Length: 8 cm (pommel not included)
PoB: 13 cm from cross
Edge Thickness: 2 mm
Weight: 1000 – 1010 gr.
Tip: Thickened
Hardening: 50 HRC


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