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Chevalier, No.2, Right Hand, MM

Sidesword, Chevalier, Disc Pommel, Right Hand, MM

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Product Code: MM.Chevalier.Disc.RH
Chevalier, Disc Pommel, Right Hand

Because of the curve of the guard, it is designed for Right Handed, but will work fine as a lefty. Its very minor difference.

The Adventurous Path

The Chevalier sidesword represents an excellent level-up in terms of hand safety and was inspired by 16th century’s originals, featuring more defensive hilts and fancy curved quillons. The protection offered by the double small ports cover both sides of the hand while the blade shows authority in bindings and agility in thrusts. The Chevalier is specifically designed for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and is an excellent pairing with our buckler, targa, parrying dagger or a cape.

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- 2 Year Waranty
Configuration 2 | Disc pommel, two small ports, wide blade
Period: 16th century
Blade Typology: Diamond wide blade with thick rounded ricasso
Cross: Curved with finger rings, double small port and knuckle bow
Overall Length: 99-104-109 cm (depending on the three blade lengths available)
Max Blade Width: Wide 3 cm
Cross Width: 25 cm
Grip Length: 8 cm (pommel not included)
PoB: 10 cm from the cross
Edge Thickness: 2 mm
Weight: 1200 – 1220 gr.
Tip: Thickened
Hardening: 50 HRC


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