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Renaissance HEMA Doublet, Female, Master 350N
Renaissance HEMA Double Master 350N

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Renaissance HEMA Doublet Master 350N

The Renaissance Master Doublet for HEMA came to existence with a view to meet the expectations of enthusiasts of HEMA jackets with a strong historical vibe. The design of our HEMA doublet refers to fencing doublets from the Renaissance period.

This doublet is dedicated for HEMA training of light and medium intensity, with the use of light simulators like saber, messer, or rapier. It makes a perfect set of HEMA gear with loose pants, like SPES Meyer or SPES Light.

Our HEMA Doublet has visible stitching and, like the Renaissance version, is decorated with shoulder wings on the sleeves. Bottom edge is decorated with a segmented peplum. On the elbows it is equipped with mountings for Shell or PRO overlays. The doublet is fastened with velcro and zipper. There is a bladecatcher on the collar and an adjustable belt on the back.

Our Master doublet is made from fabric of 350N puncture resistance. The peplum consists of 8 segments; the 2 on the front are slightly sheared. The jacket has a lining in the form of distance mesh. The jacket stands out thanks to its contrastive stitching. This solution gives the this jacket an even stronger historical vibe than the Renaissance Doublet.

The design of our HEMA arming doublet refers to historical examples of arming and fencing doublets. This means it is perfectly fitted to the body shape, emphasizing its triangular shape. What is more, wings on the sleeves visually expand the shoulders, underlining the torso. Visible stitching gives this version a more “combative” look than the Renaissance version. Apart from the great design, this jacket also provides good mobility.

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What is a doublet?

A doublet (or a pourpoint) is a short, tight clothing for men, usually worn under an outer garment. It was popular since the Middle Ages and, depending on the historical period, its form and purpose could differ.

It probably derives from military clothing, used as one of the layers worn under a chain mail. In the 14th century, when shorter garments gained popularity, short doublets slowly started to replace long cottes.

Pourpoints of this type were always fitted to body shape and, depending on the fashion, they could be shorter, longer, fastened with buttons or laced in an overcast method. Sleeves could be simple or fancy, for example decorated with puffs.Originally doublets were made of only one layer of fabric and their main task was to hold the hose. Later, it evolved in the separate version worn as an outer quilted clothing for fighting.

The product from the assortment is not personal protective equipment - it is intended for simulating the impression during the study on the treatise techniques. It is not dedicated for fencing or contact sport. If you wish to do contact martial arts, please use personal protective equipment.

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  • The jacket closes in front with double durable zipper and velcro.
  • On the front of the collar, there is a broad overlap which closes with velcro.
  • Collar has a blade catcher at the neckline.
  • The sleeves are specially designed for better arm movement.
  • Additional protective layers are located on the chest, shoulders and elbows.
  • The layers of fabric (from the outside) are: 2 layers of cotton, one protective layer, and 1 layer of cotton lining.

Material: Cotton
Weight: 5.5lbs / 2.5kg

New policy: we are imposing a $25+ restocking fee on any return, exchange OR change in the open order for any special color (not black on any SPES jacket or pants.
So please review your orders carefully and be sure you leave yourself time for your order to arrive if you want custom work, usually 12-16 weeks. I try to have black jackets and pants in stock at all times!

Custom Thread Sitching Color for Jacket or Pants High Neck Collar Upgrade for Jacket Add Arming Strap to a NEW jacket
Price: $11.50


Price: $11.50

Custom Thread Sitching Color for Jacket or Pants High Neck Collar Upgrade for Jacket Add Arming Strap to a NEW jacket

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