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Tournament Feder, Spatulated Tip Short Feder, Regenyei Armory Steel Longsword with Disc Pommel
Our Tournament Steel Feder with spatulated tip, made by Viktor Berbekucz in Hungary. Steel Feder with rolled tip and Medium Strength blade

Steel Longsword with Pear Pommel Standard Feder, Regenyei Armory Standard Feder, Regenyei Armory

Fiore Tournament Feder Short Feder, Regenyei Armory Techniques Longsword w/Shilt V1
Steel Feder made by VB in Hungary. .
Light to moderate training sword.
Steel Feder VB Italian 16th Century V3 Paratschwert Feder, KZ 1030, RA, Medium Strength Tulip Feder, Regenyei Armory Custom Build
Italian style feder by VB in Hungary.

Meyer Feathersword Tournament Feder, 46", Moderate, Rolled Tip Tournament Feder, 48", Moderate
Meyer Feathersword
Price: $279.00

Designed for Training and moderate drill with an instructor. The flex passes SCA cut & Thrust Rules. Future version will also pass rapier rules.
New item, made to specs for those wanting a shorter blade length.
New item, made for those wanting a shorter blade length.
Fiore Tournament Longsword