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Merry Death Stock Feder, Regenyei, Medium Flex

Merry Death Feder, Regenyei, Medium Flex, Stock

Product Code: RA.LS.Std.MED.MD
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This has been a most popular style and is the one used by Kristen M. Wasatch HEMA in Salt Lake City, UT. Hers is affectionaly called Merry Death". I simplified the design, keeping the up curved guard and segmented pommel that really makes this sword shine.

Steel Feder with rolled tip, Medium Strength Blade, made by Regenyei Armory.

This sword was made for Kirsten M. from Wasatch HEMA in Salt Lake City, UT.

Personal Notes: I’ve always been a fan of the Regenyei standard. It’s a solid workhorse of HEMA. But I felt for a very long time that for my own height (5’6” or 167 cm), the Standard felt just a hair too long, and just a hair hefty. Build differences can vary between Standards, but mine were always a little difficult to accelerate or decelerate at the hand. My own tactics are very point-centric, so after trying a Sigi Lichty shorty and an Ensifer Corona, I determined that I wanted something between the 52” standard and a 49” style of sword. I wanted something with bind presence closer to the Regenyei but less stiff; controlling a Regenyei in the thrust is a big aspect of safe fencing with the weapon. The weapon below is the result of the confluence of my own tactical preferences and needs and adjusting for style. Blackened furniture to reduce the cleaning load on high-contact surfaces; I think it will age beautifully.

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  • Blade Material: 51 CRV4 Carbon Steel
  • Strong and flexible
  • 6 Month Warranty
Weight:3.22lbs (1460 g (±10 g))
Overall length:
52.4" (133 cm)
Blade length:39.375" (100 cm –from crossguard to tip)
Grip length:12.6" (32 cm –including pommel)
Rolled Tip (back-folded)
Scale Thrust Strength Test: Medium : 24-28.6lbs (11-13 kg)
SCA Hang Test: 1/2". Pass Cut & Thrust, Fail Rapier Test.Blade base thickness:5 mm
Blade & crossguard material:
51CrV4 spring steel
Blade & crossguard hardness:
49-51 HRC
standard –25 cm; polished
Grip:oval shape –cord cover
Peened pear –polished
Point of balance:
3.2" (~8 cm) –from crossguard
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