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SPES AP NG PRO, Jacket 800N
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SPES AP NG PRO, Jacket 800N - Image 1 of 0
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SPES AP NG PRO, Jacket 800N - Image 1 of 0
SPES AP NG PRO, Jacket 800N - Image 2 of 0
SPES AP NG PRO, Jacket 800N - Image 3 of 0
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SPES AP NG PRO Jacket 800N

7 Reviews
This item is made to order. Allow 12-16 weeks for delivery.
Product Code: SPES-J.APNG.PRO
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SPES AP Jacket 800N New Generation PRO Version.

HEMA jacket based on the upgraded AP NG 800N model. It’s a new, improved version of AP PRO 350N model with a range of possible modifications, in accordance to your needs.

Include all PRO Plastic Arm Plates.

We’ve adapted this jacket to new, more demanding HEMA regulations. What is more, this model is universal enough and provides a full comfort of wearing and mobility, even if you haven’t had contact with HEMA so far. But if you are an advanced user, you can expect a high level of amortization, similar to Hussar 800N jacket.

The design of the AP PRO model has been refreshed significantly. On the sleeves, front flap and on the back you can notice a tape in grey color. Under the flap you will find a double-fastening: a zipper and a velcro. It decreases the risk of damaging the zipper!

What’s most important, to keep the original character of the AP PRO 800N (and somehow refer to the 350N model), on the front we’ve attached a grey eco-leather layer with velcros.

The new version of AP PRO is sewn from the composite of 800N puncture resistance! Tapes on the sleeves, apart from visual aspects, function as attaching points for additional covers, for example our PRO set, which are included in the set. Detachable front layer is made from durable eco-leather.

Traditional felt stuffing has been replaced with thick, springy 3D mesh, which also is more breathable, providing better moisture removal and cushioning features. Inside the jacket you will find special pockets for additional cushioning foams (not included in the set).

This model stands out with breathable construction and improved durability. Despite a good level of amortization, you will have no problem with moving in this jacket - it does not hinder the movement during training.

When checking out using the Custom Size option, include your measurements (according to the Sizing chart in the adjacent tab) in the Comment section during checkout. Do not use punctuation (except decimals) and enter measurements in centimeters (it's made in Europe!) ALL MEASUREMENTS MUST BE INCLUDED.

See Sizing tab for more information.

Basic features of AP NG 800N HEMA jacket:

  • - based on the AP NG HEMA jacket 800N
  • - increased breathability and air circulation
  • - better fitting to the body - adjustable back strap
  • - available in XS-XXL size range
  • - attachment points for Shell overlays
  • - 800N puncture resistance
  • - extra pockets for additional cushioning foams
  • - new, refreshed design
  • - cushioning foams are not included in the set; you can order them separately or use some other cushioning material
    - PRO overlays are included in the set
    - wide range of modifications to adapt the jacket to your needs
    - regardless of chosen base color, eco leather stays in gray color


Material: 800N composite and foam 3D mesh
Weight: 5.5lbs / 2.5kg

Multi-color option: refer to the following for information

New policy: we are imposing a $25+ restocking fee on any return, exchange OR change in the open order for any special color (not black, white or red) on any SPES jacket or pants.
So please review your orders carefully and be sure you leave yourself time for your order to arrive if you want custom work, usually 12-16 weeks. I try to have black jackets and pants in stock at all times!
Multi-color options. Chart available HERE.


Expand chest when measuring. Add 1" (25mm) if you plan on using a chest plate.


Measurement typeMeasurement taking method
Please write all 11 measurements in the "Order Comments" section during checkout and include the letter designations for each line. Please use metric measurements (cm) and no punctuation.
A1 HeightTaken from bottom of foot to top of the head
C2 Arm lengthTaken from end of shoulder to wrist, outside, WITH bent arm
C3 Biceps CircumferenceTaken with bent arm and tense muscles
C4 Forearm CircumferenceTaken around the largest point of the forearm
C5 Wrist CircumferenceTaken at wrist joint level
D1 Chest CircumferenceTaken at armpit level (women's jackets - on bust level)
D2 Shoulders widthTaken on the back, between arm-shoulder connection points
D3 Back widthTaken at armpit level
D4 Distance neck - navelTaken from navel to bottom line of neck
D5 Abdominal CircumferenceTaken at the level of the belly button (navel)
D7 Hips CircumferenceTaken at hip joint level
N1 Neck Circumference
Taken near Adams apple or middle of neck.

Include measurements in cm and no punctuation in comment box at checkout.
Orders may take 12-16 weeks for SPES to make the item. Plan accordingly.


Average Rating:
( 7 )
Austin Beavers from Sebeka, MN United States
February 16, 2024
Beautiful and sturdy
Jacket looks amazing, feels good wearing it and seems very high quality. Size fit perfectly going off of the measurements they provide. Even shipped faster than expected.
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David Tice from Muskegon, MI United States
February 16, 2024
Thic and stiff. Still in the process of breaking it in some areas. I’ve used it before 6 or 7 matches so far. You will definitely have to adjust to it to regain your mobility.
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Nicholas Daege from Houston, TX United States
August 4, 2023
Very protective gear and allows to move around when sparring. It's a bit heavy and takes some getting used to.
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Henri Mercure from Trois-Riviere, QC Canada
December 22, 2022
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Lucky clover from Wisconsin
April 22, 2022
Great jacket
The jacket have a bit of a break in period especially in the shoulders and elbows I was expecting a bit more padding in the front with the new 800n and being more breathable it’s a great jacket for everything but with rapier I can see mobility issues I haven’t broke it in entirety the only downside is the zipper it’s a bit harder too reach cause of the stiffness
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