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SPES AP Rogue Light 350N
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SPES AP Rogue Light 350N - Image 1 of 0
SPES AP Rogue Light 350N - Image 2 of 0
SPES AP Rogue Light 350N - Image 3 of 0
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SPES AP Rogue Light 350N - Image 1 of 0
SPES AP Rogue Light 350N - Image 2 of 0
SPES AP Rogue Light 350N - Image 3 of 0
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SPES AP Rogue Light 350N

Product Code: SPES-J.Rogue
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AP Rogue Light 350N is the perfect jacket for every HEMAist, regardless of gender!Thanks to the fantasy design, you will be noticed at every tournament. At the same time, you will not lose the mobility and cushioning, known from the AP Light Plus 350N! Match it with Locust pants and your favorite Lobster gloves and enjoy training at the highest level.

When checking out using the Custom Size option, include your measurements (according to the Sizing chart in the adjacent tab) in the Comment section during checkout or email to [email protected].
VERY IMPORTANT - if following the video guide, you must still send me ONLY the measurements shown in the chart (11 numbers) Do not use punctuation and enter measurements in centimeters (it's made in Europe!) ALL MEASUREMENTS MUST BE INCLUDED.

See Sizing tab for more information.

Inspired by your ideas for a fantasy style jacket, but also in order to meet your expectations, we have created this AP HEMA jacket in the Rogue version.

This HEMA jacket is dedicated for male HEMA practitioners, regardless of their skills and experience. We recommend wearing this gear with metal simulators. In training, one should remember about additional overlays which increase the level of cushioning.

This model is navy blue and has a gold trim on the front, on the bottom edge, on arms and over the elbows. The torso, back and upper section of sleeves, the jacket has finished with white crosses. Lower section of the sleeves does not have stitchings. Near the elbows there are mounting points for additional overlays. It has an adjustable back belt.

The Rogue jacket is made from 350N puncture resistant fabric. It has a double fastening (velcro + zipper) and a bladecatcher in a collar. The design, filling and lining refer to our AP Light Plus 350N jacket. Thus, the Rogue model is a relatively lightweight HEMA gear, ensuring full mobility during training.

From the fantasy world to HEMA world

The Rogue jacket was inspired by the clothes worn by characters from the fantasy realm. They were mostly warriors in quilted gear with short sleeves and metal decorations.

This gear had been taking shape in our minds for a long time. We wanted it to combine the fancy visual aspect with basic features of good HEMA gear.

More on this product you will read on our blog

Multi-color options. Chart available HERE.

Washing Information is HERE.

    No returns allowed on this jacket.
    Multi-color options. Chart available HERE.

    Expand chest when measuring.
    Add 1" (25mm) if you plan on using a chest plate.

    Standard Size Chart:

    shoulder width d2 ~ 45cm
    bicep girth c3 ~ 50cm
    Length of Medium: 27 inches - top of neck to bottom of front of jacket


    Measurement typeMeasurement taking method
    Please write all measurements below ONLY in the "Order Comments" section during checkout. Please use metric measurements (cm) and no punctuation. Include the letter designations for each line.
    SPES video is for reference only, the below measurements are what is required, nothing other than these.
    A1 HeightTaken from bottom of foot to top of the head
    C2 Arm lengthTaken from end of shoulder to wrist, outside, with bent arm
    C3 Biceps girthTaken with bent arm and tense muscles
    C4 Forearm girthTaken around the largest point of the forearm
    C5 Wrist girthTaken at wrist joint level
    D1 Chest girthTaken at armpit level (women's jackets - on bust level)
    D2 Shoulders widthTaken on the back, between arm-shoulder connection points
    D3 Back widthTaken at armpit level
    D4 Distance neck - navelTaken from navel to bottom line of neck
    D5 Abdominal girthTaken at the level of the belly button (navel)
    D7 Hips girthTaken at hip joint level

    XL D2 = 75cm

    Include measurements in cm and no punctuation in comment box at checkout.
    Stocked items ship quickly, custom size and/or color jackets may take 12-16 weeks. Payment up front for these orders.


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