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Competition Sharp Longsword V3 Disc

5 Reviews
Product Code: VB.Sharp.LS1.Disc
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Blade and Tip Type
Blade and Tip Type:
Competition Sharp made by Viktor Berbekucz in Hungary.
Designed in the USA by Purpleheart Armory and Mike Edelson.

Price includes a storage case.

1/2020 Moving to V3, Taking off more weight.
7/2019 have a small stock of them. V2. Good so far!
3/2019 still in prototype, moving to limtited production.

Based on Oakshott Type XVIIIc Longsword with a Disc pommel.

See Sizing tab for more information.
  • Designed in the HEMA community as a competition level cutting blade.
  • 1 Year Warranty: DETAILS HERE

Heat-treatment link HERE:

Note from Victor:
This sword is different from our other blades, we spend extra time making a strong blade to meet the riggors of tatami cutting competitions. Forging is one of the activities of the manufacturing process. There are blades and parts for which only tapering is done with smithing and some that are made entirely by forging. Each sword is different, but the competition sharp is heavy forged.
Because of the tapering the material of the blade can never be 100% of the same thickness over the entire length, due to forging and straightening with the hammer. This causes a small surface defect in the middle of the blade in some places: where the thickness of the material differs by 0.3-0.4 mm and creates small signs of surface roughness. This is not a mistake or quality problem. This can be eliminated by grinding the entire blade thinner, which in turn would make the blade weaker. So that’s not an option.

Review by Josh Furrate of ORDO, Baton Rouge, LA

Design: Overall everyone agreed that the design was sleek andproperly done with Historical pieces in mind. The blade geometry was on point.This was confirmed by RJ and Phillip Martin, both who’s knowledge of Oakshottis extensive. Everyone, including myself, love the handle length as is. As mostsharps are too small, this one was perfect for almost anyone to handle. It hasa nice weight and really wants to move. The pommel design was also ratherloved. Though a few folks feel it was a bit too pommel weighted, I don’t reallyfeel it’s a negative concern.


The blade cuts really well, haha. I mean there many variablesto cutting mechanics and so forth but, it certainly wants to cut. While I thinkit’s really good for all basic cuts and double mats, I do think that the weightand momentum make it a bit slow for some fancier cuts. Even still I highlyrecommend it for people who are wanting to compete in cutting. Others alsoagreed on that point as well as good club cutting sword.

Overall Length: 46.0" (1168mm)
Guard Width: 9" (228mm)
Blade Width Near Guard: 2.9" (75mm)
Blade Length: 35.43" (900mm)
Blade Material: 51 CRV4 Carbon Steel
Grip Length: 9" (229mm)
Grip Material: Brown Leather Grip or Cord Wrap
Center of Balance: 4" (102mm) from Crossguard
Center of Percussion: Apx xx" (xxx mm) from Crossguard
Weight: 3lb 15oz (1.78kg)
Pommel: Peened
Ships in plastic rifle case for safety.

International customers: I don't think we can ship sharp swords out of country. So I may not do this.


Average Rating:
( 5 )
john bradley from Gatineau, QC Canada
January 31, 2024
i think it's really great! It's a good price for a good sword, and it arrived within two weeks
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Damien Dunham from Bastrop, TX United States
April 3, 2023
type xviiic cutter
Super happy with this purchase. Very reasonably priced. Came sharp and well put together. Not flashy just practical. Cant wait to cut with it.
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Dan T from Pittsburgh, PA United States
December 26, 2022
The sword is pretty much perfect. It handles very well and cuts like a dream.
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Anonymous Person
February 11, 2020
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