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Nut, VB, Feder

Nut, VB, Feder

7 Reviews
Product Code: VB.Nut.MA00433
VB Nut for screw on pommel swords.
Works for Standard Feder, Italian Feder, VB Indoor Trainer, shortsword/arming sword

If your nut works loose, try putting some figernail polish or superglue in the threads. I have some professional thread lock that works well.


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( 7 )
Marc Hess from Houston, TX United States
April 8, 2024
It’s nuts
Fit my five year old VB perfectly after the old one turned to rust and I had to cut it off
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Jonathan Greenspan from madison, WI United States
September 7, 2022
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BMK from Salt Lake City , UT United States
January 10, 2022
Shipped promptly, just what I needed.
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Ivy L from Philadelphia, PA United States
October 23, 2021
Popped one off by accident. Had to use lock tight on the second. (Thanks to PHA for the save on that one)
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Leah Gustavson from Rocky Point, NY United States
May 10, 2021
YAY! They still have my nut!
A screw came loose and I lost it. Contacted Viktor from VB swords who said PH should have it, just contact Christian. I did, he did, and it's now on my first sword which my housemate is now using.
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