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Staff - Laminated Hickory - Octagon Bo 1.5" x 60" (5ft)

Staff - Laminated Hickory - Octagon Bo 1.5" x 60" (5ft)

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Product Code: Staff.Octagon.1.5x60.Bo
This series of staves are made with 2 layers of impact grade hickory laminated together to form a strong, straight and defect free staff. This is the best wood possible for martial arts use. The hickory is strong, yet it is flexible to not be brittle when struck against other equipment. We hand oil at least 2 coat of a boiled linseed/mineral spirits mixture.

Also called a Rokushaku Bo.
2 layers of Impact Grade Hickory. 2 coats of hand rubbed boiled Linseed Oil/Mineral Spirits.
1-1/2" flat to flat octagon

Weight: 3lb 6oz (1.56kg).


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Anonymous Person from Louisiana
April 2, 2021
My first bo experience
Being this is my first bo purchase, I don't come from a place of any real experience. What I can say is the price seems fair for the quality of work you can tell was put into this staff. It's very durable, smooth to the touch, a good weight but not unwieldy, and perfect for the amateur strength training I am primarily utilizing it for. The order was shipped quickly and the sales staff was quick to
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Ty Collins from Johnstown, OH United States
October 2, 2020
Well made piece
I'm very happy with the quality of my purchase
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Edward Shattuck from East Syracuse, NY United States
January 27, 2020
A Beast!!
This is a beautiful staff and a freaking beast as well. I had no idea how much difference a half an inch would make when it came to thickness. I am very impressed.
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Adi Nemlekar from Mars, PA United States
May 16, 2019
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Great bo staff!
This is an amazingly strong and solid bo staff! Great for strength training!
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Augusto Morales from Delmar, MD United States
May 7, 2017
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Real Staff
I was tired of looking at broom handles sold by Martial Arts sites. Purpleheart Armoury makes durable equipment in the USA. This staff is really great for warming up before sword use. Using this as a spear trainer is a great way of working out without worrying about steel points.
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