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Padded Escrima Trainer, Straight, Flat Blade

Padded Escrima Trainer, Straight, Flat Blade

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Product Code: Pad.Escrima.Straight.Flat
Straight and Flat Blade.

New, more durable and realistic padded simulators.

Straight Blade and Flat Profile. Simulating a bladed weapon, like a machete.

One-handed escrima simulator works well for any machete type sword from a 28" long. Simulator is made of durable foam and hard plastic core, which makes the simulator resistant to damage. Thick textile coating of the blade ensures additional durability. Rubber grip covered with tape guarantees sure and comfortable hold. . Made of soft materials which minimize probability of injuries.

- Flat Blade
- Good Balance and weight
- Safe with minimal safety equipement. (See your instructor)

Total length: 27" (87 cm)
Blade length: xx" (70cm)
Weight: 1.35lbs (600g)


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