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Padded Dussack
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Padded Dussack

4 Reviews
Product Code: Pad.Dussack
New, more durable simulators produced in cooperation with Go-Now.

One-handed dussack sword for adults. Very durable thanks to hard plastic core covered with soft foam and very tough textile. Made of soft materials which minimize probability of injuries.

Simulator is made of durable foam and hard plastic core, which makes the simulator resistant to damage. Thick textile coating of the blade ensures additional durability. Rubber grip covered with tape guarantees sure and comfortable hold. Cross-guard is both durable and elastic.

Total length: 34" (87 cm)
Blade length: 27.5" (70cm)
Weight: 1.35lbs (600g)

  • total length approx. 87cm
  • Blade length approx. 70cm
  • Weight approx. 600gr


Average Rating:
( 4 )
Zack M
November 15, 2023
Excellent quality
I am very impressed with the construction and design of the padded blade items sold here. A fantastic starter for the more casual practice and a great intro to beginners. Rugged and well made.
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tmack from Fredericton, NB Canada
November 8, 2023
great item
really good
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October 10, 2023
Great and fun boopers
Got a pair of these bad boys for use for safe unarmored sparring, and it's been great for that. Even a fun time for my toddler to swing them around. The padding is wonderful for cuts, although users should be careful with thrusts, particularly to the face/head.
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Henry Cooper
June 21, 2023
Love it
Bought this for short sword training, it feels great and is light in the hand. The handle/hard is not fully connected as it loops around the hand instead of being one full piece. However I have not had any pull or separation issues with the handle so far and it holds together really well. I only mention this as it might be an issue with some individuals. But an all around great trainer.
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