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Crook Cane, Hickory Unfinished, NO engraving 10 each

Crook Cane, Hickory Unfinished, NO engraving 10 each

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Product Code: Cane.Crook.H.Unfinished.10
The following items are included FREE with this product:
Hickory Crook Cane Unfinished and no engraving. 10 each.
Blunts not included.

Standard high quality hickory cane, but you can be creative and do your own design with it.

I don't always have a large stock of these, but I keep some on hand. Allow up to 6 week to ship if you are getting a lot.
  • Made of Solid Impact Grade American Hickory.
  • Includes a black no slip rubber blunt.
Diameter: 1-1/16"
Length: Varies from 38.75" - 39.5" with blunt.
Weight: Apx 16-20oz, 1lb 3 oz (0.56 kg)
Opening: Apx 4.25" wide x 4.25" deep


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Dan D @ from Tomahawk, WI United States
September 12, 2023
I have bought a thousand cane blanks, and Purple heart Armory ( is by far the best quality hickory cane blanks.
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