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Tanjo Hapkido Cane
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Tanjo Cane

14 Reviews
Product Code: Cane-Tanjo
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Hickory Tanjo

Clear Hickory shaft and Jatoba Pommel.

This is a very strong cane and one of our best sellers. Custom engraving is possible with your schools logo or quote.

History of the Tanjo

Uchida Ryu Tanjo Jutsu, Short Stick, was developed in the Meiji Period (late 1800s - early 1900s), and used to be referred to as "Sutteki" Jutsu. At the time, walking sticks were in vogue (in Japanese, "Sutteki"), and the Tanjo was basically the same dimensions.

Tanjo Jutsu was the precursor of Keibo-jutsu, the baton techniques taught and used for law enforcement developed in the 1930s. Tanjo Jutsu (or Tanjojutsu) is also incorporated into Taiho Jutsu, a system of "Arrest styles" taught internationally to law enforcement professionals.

Tanjo jutsu includes strikes mainly to the head and forearm. However, there are many more techniques used by the police (Keijo jutsu) such as arm locks, arm bars, strangles, chokes, strikes with butt of the baton, releases and a technique similar to Tai Atari. Not only are there more techniques in Keijo jutsu, but the stick itself is quite different. The police stick has a leather loop at the end, which is looped around the thumb and around the back of the hand, allowing for a firm grip that is not easily torn out of the hand. Keijo jutsu continued to develop during the 1960`s, and the US Navy contributed to the techniques because they had their own system of using the baton.

For further information go to the excellent school

See Sizing tab for more information.
  • The shaft is Solid Impact Grade American Hickory Harwood.
  • Tapers from 1" to 3/4".
  • The knob is made of Jatoba Cherry Hardwood.
  • A tan no-slip blunt is included.
Overall Length: 39" (99cm)
Approximate Weight: 0.8lb (0.4kg)
Material: Solid Impact Grade Hickory, Jatoba Pommel


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Aaron Rogier from Montevideo, Uruguay
September 16, 2023
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Strictly Excellent Mobility Aid
Earlier this year I found myself using a cane after some tendon injuries including a partially ruptured achilles tendon. This tanjo is an amazing mobility aid. The solidity is a huge boon for a mobility aid. This stick offers great feedback to the hand when navigating uneven pavement. The black rubber 3/4" blunt tip makes an excellent point of contact with the ground even on chunky broken concrete
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Christopher from Encinitas, CA United States
January 4, 2022
Great Walking Cane
I now own 4 canes bu PHA. I came across them on Youtube by chance. Quality of product and customer service is top notch.
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Hector Cori from Santiago, RM Chile
October 13, 2020
I received my Tanjo last week and I am very happy with it. But more importantly, my Sensei is more than happy with the one I brought for him. The quality, weight, wood kind, engraving, etc. is just excellent.
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Niamakutaku from Clearwater, FL United States
August 12, 2020
Solid Item!
This is a very nice item. You'll be glad to use it in practice. For engraving, you may not have the best communication with the people coordinating the engraving. Just be forewarned.
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Gary Boisen from Venice, FL United States
June 12, 2020
Purpleheart Armoury Tanjo
Great Value, Great Stick. Totally endorse Purpleheart Armoury!!
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