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Quaddara Basic Trainer

Quaddara Basic Trainer

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Product Code: 2098.Quaddara.Trainer
Quaddara Basic Trainer

The Quaddara or (Kadara or Qaddare) was widely used through the Middle East, Persia, the Ottoman Empire and throughout Georgia and the Caucasus.

The blade does not flex on thrusting, but provides good simulation for moderate level training.

See Sizing tab for more information.
  • Historical size with a wide blade for safe training.
  • Made of strong, durable plastic material.
  • Paracord wrapped grip.
  • Requires no maintenance. For best results do not store this item in the sun.
Overall Length: 32.5" (825mm)
Blade Length: 26" (660mm) from grip
Weight: 1lb.


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