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Tournament Shortsword, Oakshott Type 16, Pear Tournament Shortsword, Steel, Oakshott Type 14 Tournament Quality Shortsword Steel Feder
The pommel can be screwed off for blade replaced or storage.
Tournament Quality Shortsword Steel Feder with Pear Pommel
Modeled after Oakshott Type XVI.

Tournament Quality Shortsword Steel Feder
Modeled after Oakshott Type XIV.
Useful for I.33 due to its length and balance.

Shortsword for Buhurt, Disc  * Custom Engrave Steel Sword Sword Tip Rubber Blunts w/Metal Insert - Set of 4
Shortsword for HMB

Custom engrave your sword.
I can engrave on the ricasso area of most steel longswords. I can do text, or send us a high resolution black and white graphic.

Special graphics or extra conversion work may cost more.

Include your requested engraving information in the notes section during checkout. Mention what font you want.
Set of 4 Each of Sword Tip Blunts.

These blunts fit the tips of most swords up to about 1/2" wide tip. They fit on our VB feders, techniques swords, and all singlehanded swords. They also fit on the tips of some feders, such as Ensifer.

Metal Washer are inside Blunt.