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Small Fingertip Protectors - Set of 10

Small Fingertip Protectors, Rubber - Set of 10

11 Reviews
Product Code: PHA.Fingertips.Rubber
Small Fingertip Protectors - Set of 10

Works good in smaller gloves for fingertip and thumb protection.

Better suited for Our Rapier Gloves, Padded Leather Gloves, and Red Dragon gloves and smaller fencing gloves.

Material: Medium Hardness Rubber
Weight: xx
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Bruce from Texas
April 4, 2024
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Theodore Brahms from Pasadena, CA United States
March 29, 2024
Decent enough for light sparring
Needed a bit of trim so fingers didn’t interfere with each other. Protects tips well enough for light to medium force sparring but not sure I’d trust to protect from a full force blow to a finger tip or thumb.
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Cameron Lewis from Oklahoma City, OK United States
February 12, 2024
Look great!
Looks great would do it again! They should fit my tiny finger tips well and inside my gloves
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Anonymous Person from Worthington, OH United States
January 2, 2024
Solid product, fantastic customer service
Provided extra protection for my gloves.Shipped out very fast during the holidays. When there was a minor issue, the response was fast and genuinely helpful. I'm new to Purpleheart, but will definitely be picking up more gear from them in the future.
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Mark Bush from Gaithersburg, MD United States
August 25, 2023
Solid product. Take some getting used to.
I was excited to get the finger protectors and start using them. The process of placing the protectors inside. The gloves went pretty well for my eight fingers, but the thumbs seem to rotate inside the glove. Rather than protect the thumbnail, they seem to be on the pad of my thumb more of the time. This is probably because I wear an extra large glove, and there’s simply too much room for t
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