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Saber fencing BOOK - Sport and Martial art

BOOK: Saber fencing - Sport and Martial art

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The saber was the weapon of the soldiers and dueling heroes in the Carpathian Basin for more than a thousand years. During this time it became more than a simple tool of fighting. It became a loyal companion and a symbol of valor of the wielder. This weapon and the valiant spirit of its wielders became known in Western Europe and North American via Hungarians. At the time of our settlement Western Europe feared the sight of the saber, it became a worthy opponent of the Turkish and later, after the civil war of Rákóczi it brought honor in the wars fought at the side of foreign countries. Maybe there is no other sword type like this which reserved its significance for so long time.

This book contains an elaborated practical curriculum. With the help of it, the saber fencer can learn the basics to master level. The book guides the reader through hundreds of exercises with the help of more than a hundred photographic illustrations. These can help anyone to learn the basic moves, the more complex exercises and even the trick-cuts or disarmament.

We prove with this book that the saber fencing is a living sport and martial art.

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Jared from Korea
April 25, 2023
Saber fencing: sport and martial art
So first and foremost, shipping this tine was a little bit of a interesting event. My original order got lost. However customer service was awesome and was able to send another copy.The book: the structure of the book is easy to follow. It start at the beginner and moves through master levels. The text is clear and concise. The pictures are not always clear but with the text it is easy to fig
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Anonymous Person from Austin, TX United States
November 27, 2022
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