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SPES Elastic Cord Ties

Elastic Cord Ties for Gloves and PRO Plates

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Product Code: SPES-Repair.Elastic
Extra elastic cord that works on the PRO Plates, and Heavy Lobster Gloves.

I'll send about 36" long piece. Cut ties as needed and use a small flame to seal in the ends of the frayed cord.


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Brandon Blackburn from Greensboro, NC United States
February 27, 2024
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Anonymous Person from las vegas, NV United States
September 5, 2023
They are cords.
They are cords. You can cut them. And use them to tie things. Fun!
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Jordan from Nebraska
July 12, 2023
The Only Maintenence for Your Lobsters
Your heavy lobster gloves will last forever if you replace these ties every year or two. Don't be that guy letting poorly maintained gloves cause injuries that hold up your training. Protect those hands!
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Michael Cartee from Riverview, FL United States
May 11, 2023
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Robert from South San Francisco, CA United States
April 6, 2023
Elastic cord replacement material
The elastics on your gloves (and jacket plates) will give out as you spar and use your gear, these are the proper cords to repair such items.
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