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Polehammer - Hickory Shaft Only

Polehammer Staff - Hickory Shaft Only

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*** Shipping will come out very high when ordering multiples. We will will adjust cost. Figure $20-$30 will ship most any amount to anywhere continental USA. ***
Product Code: Staff.PH.Only
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The hickory is our famous impact grade hickory. It is 2 layered laminated together to increase strength and reduce possibility of warping. It has square ends, If you need anything different, like the spear tip, let us know when ordering.
2 layers laminated Hickory.
Rectangle shape 1"x 1.25"
5'8" long (68")(1700mm)
Rectangle shape 1"x 1.25"
Weight: 2.4lbs


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Colin Myers from Austin, TX United States
September 29, 2022
Smooth, great weight
Super smooth, very well weighted and the shape fits snug into the hand while having enough curve to make swapping hand positions and sliding very comfy. Benefit of this shape is it’s very easy to find your edge. Be aware though, this is a bit shorter than I expected, especially for my Dane axe but I kinda like it that way. Great overal though, no problems and very nimble and strong!
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Stover from Windsor, ON
August 26, 2022
Polehammer Staff
Well worth the wait excellent quality was sanded perfect, could not have done a better job myself and was also oiled Great job well done very pleased with the product Would recommend this company to my friends.
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James from Vancouver, WA United States
September 9, 2021
Nice, fitted it to my warhammer with ease.
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Stygian Emperor from Fayetteville, TX, United States
January 29, 2021
Perfect shape and seems very durable
I purchased this haft for my Helgi Polymer Training Rancona and Lance Coronel rear end capper, and it’s great. It’s cut perfectly straight as far as I can tell, and to a historically-accurate slightly-oblong octagonal shape rather than being circular, which aids in feeling which direction the blade is facing to align the edge toward the target.The hickory wood is heavier than something lik
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Skegg-Ulfr from Monte Vista, CO United States
October 20, 2020
These things are strong, solid, and take a beating. Love them.
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