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Future Battle Trainer

Future Soldier Battle Trainer, Straight

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Product Code: 2088.Batleth.straight.trainer
Future Battle Synthetic Trainer

Designed to be an inexpensive trainer with incredible strength.

Hi Christian,
I wanted to get back to you on which trainer design I prefer.
Overall, I liked both designs but I prefer the one with the straighter grip.
As a martial artist, I like the design with the straighter grip because it's lighter and feels more like a staff than the one with the curvier grip. The weight and shape felt more comfortable in light sparring against nimble swords. It's quicker to block and easier to do choppy strikes.
As a Trekkie, I appreciate the curvier design due to it being more authentic to the look of the sword in the shows. It also feels more like the metal one I have. There are certain twirls and committed strikes that feel easier because the weight assists you, but if I had to spar with one, I'd choose the one with the straighter grip.

See Sizing tab for more information.

  • Reasonable weight for accurate and safe practice.
  • Made of strong, durable plastic material.
  • Paracord wrapped grip.
  • Requires no maintenance. For best results do not store this item in the sun.

Overall Length: 48"
Weight: 2 lb


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