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Jumonji Yari

Jumonji Yari. Tip Only, Basic Trainer

Product Code: Polearm.Jumonji
Solid plastic head. Fits on 1-1/16" Octagon Shaft and 1-1/8" round shaft.

Does not flex on thrusting. Use for controlled and supervised training only.
Historical Information HERE.

The spear is one of the oldest and most universal weapons known to mankind. Used in hunting and in war, this tool has many variations across time and cultures. In European tradition, spears were typically 6-7 feet long, though longer spears were also used -- up to 12 feet, or the more specialized pike at a length of 16-20 feet.
Many spears had an iron buttspike on the reverse end. When receiving cavalry charges, spearmen would use the spike to anchor the weapon in the ground.
Purpleheart spears use the same highest quality staves as our other staff products. We typically offer 6-8 foot shaft lengths. Our PHA Spear Tip is not only a visually accurate training tool, but also provides considerable flex and impact absorption on a thrust. This allows for greater training safety, though armor and protective gear are still required for use with this training weapon.
The round blunt makes for an excellent buttspike, suitable for use on most indoor training surfaces.
Head Only is 18-3/4"
With 6' shaft, OAL is about 7'2"/84"


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