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Clavicale Protector by Vytis

Clavicale Protector by Vytis

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Product Code: V.Gorget.Clav
Clavicale Protector by Vytis

VYTIS clavicle protector 2022 is protection extension for lower parts of neck and upper chest areas. It further minimizes the trust risks from obscure angles and also provides decent protection from slashes to upper chest areas. Articulated design composed of moving parts that wont hinder movement while providing crucial protection.

Comes in one size.
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John Pence from Athens, GA United States
February 20, 2024
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Clavicle protector? Yes it is, almost 100%
I really like the Vytis gorget, and this fits together very well with it. I think it's a reasonable price, well made, and fits very comfortably. I do have a mild beef in that it doesn't quite go out to the end of the clavicle - the last couple centimeters before it ends and attaches to the acromion. That last couple centimeters is pretty tender and a great place to sustain an injury, and I was
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