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Robotic Cutting Stand, Sir Robin

Robotic Cutting Stand, Sir Robin.

Currently at V2 and still under development.

Easy use, reliable, and low maintenance, Sir Robin, will be available for purchase or rental for your event or club.

Developed by Purpleheart Armoury, Destroyer Modz, and Texas Torque Robotics Team in The Woodlands, TX.

Email us for more information. cd@woodenswords.com

Hanging Brass Pell, Pendelziel

Pendelziel or "hanging/pendulum target", from Johannes Bierchenauwer's 1556 treatise of which very little is know.

Heavy brass give the techniques good feedback when rolling the pell along the strong and weak sections of your blade. The soft brass allows you to make small cuts into the brass for a perfect binding sensation without any damage to your sharp sword.

Price: $149.99