Purpleheart Armoury
Training Begins Here

Owned and operated by a martial artist, who was regularly disappointed by the training products that were available on the market, he created his own product. Combining his manufacturing experience and craftsmanship, Christian Darce' designs strong, realistic, and attractive training weapons.  Our goal to is to bring you, our customer, the best possible products and selection around.

We are mainly a Web company, but we will often be represented at seminars, conventions, tournaments, and training camps.  We will continually expand our online catalog as customer input is received and analyzed. We try to feature products which have wide appeal but encourage you to e-mail us with any suggestions that you may have. 

For those who have searched for quality wooden European style swords as training tools in martial-arts, recreational combat, or living-history these will easily hold up to the stresses of strenuous drills and exercises or contact practice. These wasters are offered at significantly lower prices than other manufacturers. What is considered custom to them is standard to us.

In recent years we have expanded our product line to sparring swords and protective gear.  We have engineered the finest sparring long and short swords in the world, and these are being used at tournaments all over the world.  We are now importing the best protective gear to make this martial art safer and more available to everyone.
You may contact us with a product question by emailing us at cd (at) woodenswords.com, or call or text Natasha (713)857-4921