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Feder Flex Strength

Blade Flexibility is key to how a feder is used.

Our Featherweight series of blades
are intended for light very controlled
sparring. Or used in coaching sessions, that
work repetitive drills, particularly thrusting.
The extra flex is very forgiving on your

The down side is the durability is lower.
The blade can be considered too flexible
by some. The flex will not be as controllable
during strong moves. You may feel it flex during
cuts. Opponents with a stiffer blade will be able
to control your blade much more. An excessive
bend put in the blade due to an excessive thrust
can begin the cycle of the blade holding a bend
and is not covered by warranty.

This is not to be used in tournaments.


Our medium flex blades are
also a specialized tool. They are
good for day to day training and
moderate controlled sparring. They
are forgiving to your opponent so
will leave fewer bruises. Its a lighter
blade so you tip will be quicker than
heavier swords. On strong cuts
you may feel the blade flex.
This is the VB Techniques line
of sword.

These are still not tournament
swords, and aggressive thrust
can cause the sword to
hold the bend and not covered by

This is not to be used in tournaments.


Designed for heavier tournament use
at full speed and force. Its going to stay
accurate and strong during thrusting
and binging moves. It will flex on thrusts
but harder.

It will hit harder and full protective
gear is required. But the blade
will have a longer lifespan since
over bending is less likely to happen.
You will have greater control over
your opponents swords during
fencing and binding.


15 - 21lbs (7-9.5kg)
25-29lbs (11.5-13kg)
30-43lbs (13.5-15kg+)

Stiff/No Flex

Harnesfecten, and Buhurt swords do not
flex at all, or very minimal. These are
specialized swords.

Usually heavier and thicker steel for harder
use in HMB, Buhurt type tournaments with
steel plate armor.

Buhurt VIDEO
Harnesfecten Video

No Flex

So how do we measure the stiffness of a blade? Good question and easier than you think.
There are 2 ways...
Here it is in youtube video....

Scale Thrust Test:

- Hold the sword on the pommel.
- Thrust the point onto the center of a bathroom scale.
- The weight (force) will rise on the scale, once the sword has flexed approximately 4"-6" (200-300mm) the force will not increase as much and level out. It will hover around a weight range. Its not an exact measurment but will get close enough.

SCA Hanging Flex Test

- Off the end of a table, hand 6oz from the tip of the blade. Measure how much the tip is displaced.