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Purpleheart Armoury is proud to be an official supplier of the high-quality HEMA fencing gear from SPES. Located in Poland, SPES has quickly become a leader in the HEMA fencing scene due to their partnership with HEMA groups across Europe. We are importing their equipment on a weekly basis, and are able to provide our customers with weapons and training gear like no one else can.

If the item you order is not 'in stock' rest assured we will have in hand to send to you within usually 2 weeks, our ordering/delivery process is the best it's ever been.

Some items now in stock, including jackets!
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SPES Socks - Pair
Price: $12.00

SPES Socks
Hard fingertip protection for use inside gloves.
SPES Socks
SPES Hard Knee Guard
SPES Hard Elbow Protectors
The back of the head mask overlay is a protective element that secures the back of the head and protects the area where the mask ends. The overlay is made of several layers of resistant fabric, a protective layer as well as three mobile plates made of super-hard plastic.

Mask not included..
SPES Forearm and Elbow Guard V2.0
SPES Thigh Protection
Price: $86.99

SPES Thigh Protection Skirt
SPES HEMA Mask Overlay with Back of the Head Protection

Jessica Finley SPES fencing jacket - imported from Poland