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Purpleheart Armoury is proud to offer the new HEMA line from Absolute Force.  Known for their sport fencing equipment for years, they have responded with great enthusiasm to the growing HEMA market and have developed specific equipment for our use.  They are developing and improving their products to meet our still changing needs.
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Medium currently out of stock.

This Washable Black Leather Neck Protector is specially made for HEMA players. It is soft and padded (with plastic insert Padding) providing protection for the neck, yet it is comfortable to wear.

Absolute Force Plastic chest protector.  Fits under your fencing jacket.
Absolute Force Elbow Guard - pair.  These are the new version with padding with leather cover with hardened inserts.  Black only.  Designed to be work over jacket sleeves.

One size.
Absolute Force Forearm Guard - pair.  Has padding and plastic insert protection.  Black only.  Designed to be work over jacket sleeves.

Available in Medium and Large size.
Absolute Force Mask Cover with back of the head protection.  Fits onto any fencing mask.
One size.
Absolute Force Shin Guard - pair.  Has padding and plastic insert protection.  Black only.
One size.
Price: $50.00
Absolute Force Knickers - Black only.  Has foam inserts in the thigh area for added protection.
Absolute Force Fencing Basic HEMA Mask
Absolute Force Fencing Mask
Absolute Force Gauntlet - pair. The all new 2014 season HEMA Deluxe Fighing Gloves!!! Based on the previous model, this new Deluxe Flighting Gloves features additional protections for the back of the hand, the cuff area, and the thumb area. Also, this new model allows the 5 fingers to move freely, different then previous 3 finger style.A deeply bifurcated finger shell, lobster tail articulation and a reinforced thumb make our glove a force to be reckoned with. After beta testing the initial sets we came back with our improved model that has taken to heart what you the community said you wanted in a gauntlet. Available in M and L.

***Special Note: measure wearing gloves you plan to use under the gauntlet. A good choice (seen in photos) is our Swordsman's Gloves.