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Price: $0.50

Tie down strong to strap on the blunts onto the wood. The string is extremly strong and woven in such a way to hold onto knots very tightly.  One length of string will wrap 4 blunts.
Round Blunt
Price: $6.00

PHA round blunt.  This rubber blunt has a 1" socket.  Its used as on many different products in order to reduce the impact of some force.
PHA Spear Tip
Price: $32.50

Purpleheart Armoury Exclusive Rubber Spear Tip.
Spear, 8', Round Blunt for Tip, Flat Blunt on Butt End
Price: $45.00

1-1/4"x8' hickory Spear with our Round blunt on one end and a flat blunt on the butt end.  This is our economy model for spear work.  The round blunt does not give much, so this is to be used only in slow training. The flat blunt is only to protect gym floors.
Spear, 6', PHA Spear Tip, Round Blunt on Butt End
Price: $55.00

This is a short spear modeled after the Meyer training plates.  The shaft is 6' long with a PHA Spear tip.  The butt end has a large round blunt.
Spear, 8', PHA Spear Tip, Flat Blunt on Butt End
Price: $65.00

1-1/4"x8' hickory Spear with PHA Rubber Spear tip, and a flat blunt on the Butt End.  The flat blunt is only to protect gym floors.
Spear:  This is a rubber headed weapon that can absorb some of the impact during use.  Armour and protective gear is required to use the weapon.  Consult your instructor or safety official before using this weapon.
Some of the exclusive enhancements to this product include: /font>
PHA rubber thrusting tip - Much stiffer than the spikes shown below, these are the main choice by most martial artist since they offer better feedback to the users. Protection or armour is required.
PHA Rubber Spear Tip.  This is a good bit more flexible.  Ok to use with limited protection.  It does not work well with armour since the person will not feel the hit.
1-1/4" x 8' (244 cm) hickory shaft

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