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Cutlass/Sabre:  We are offering a wide variety of choices to simulate either a very historic wooden naval training singlestick, a short naval cutlass easily from the 16th-18th century, a medium length French type naval sabre, a polish dueling sabre, or a longer cavalry or dueling sabre.

Purpleheart Synthetic Sabre V4
Price: $100.00


Type III Sabre
Polish Saber
Price: $60.00

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Polish Saber - The use of the Polish Saber on foot in the 17th century covers the history, anecdotes and use of Poland's iconic weapon. In matters of honor and personal safety the saber was the Polish nobleman's choice of arms. The concept of the duel, the form and function of the weapon, as well as source material from Poland, Italy and Germany are blended together in an interpretation presented in full-color. The work is suitable for history enthusiasts, Historical European Martial Artists and re-creationists who wish to explore Poland's Commonwealth and the weapon that symbolized its nobility.

by Richard Marsden
Knightshop Synthetic Cutlass
Price: $86.00

Knightshop Synthetic Longsword - Complete
Purpleheart Synthetic Sabre V4 w/Fuller as designed for Capital KDF
Price: $110.00


Synthetic Pentti Saber with Fuller. Point of balance is pulled back some for a quicker more controllable trainer.