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Rattan Singlestick, Hilt and Stick
Price: $74.99

This is a historically based design that we have been handmaking for years. We use on the thickest leather we can find. These have been used by the most serious HEMA fencers and even used of a few episode of the TV series "Elementary".
The rattan is light and is will absorb impact. These are typically used for more intense bouting and those wanting quicker blade work. Orders for 3/4 inch rattan will be have a tolerance of 1/16" plus or minus on the thickness. Includes leather hand-guard.
Hickory Singlestick, Hilt and 1" Hickory Stick.
Price: $89.00

Impact Grade Hickory singlestick with handmade wax hardened hilt.
Broadswords and Singlestick
Price: $23.00

with Chapters on Quarter-Staff, Bayonet, Cudgel, Shillalah, Walking-Stick, Umbrella, and Other Weapons of Self-Defense
by R C Allanson-Winn and C Phillipps-Woolley
Rattan Singlestick Blade Only
Price: $13.25

The rattan is light and is will absorb impact. We select the best and only send out the sizes that meet our specs. Rattan is apx. 3/4" x 39" long.  These are typically used for more intense bouting and those wanting quicker blade work.
Hickory Singlestick Blade Only
Price: $18.00

As they say, 'nothing beats a good piece of hickory' and this is what he
was talking about.  Hickory has a more sword-like feel to it.  Its
impact grade hickory that will last a long time.  Hand oiled and sanded
All sticks include a cross pin to reinforce the basket.
Singlestick Basket Hilt Only, Leather
Price: $64.95

Handmade wax hardened leather singlestick basket hilt
Scottish Broadsword and British Singlestick-Farrell
Price: $42.95

This book is an introduction to the history, use and context of the Scottish basket-hilted broadsword. As part of the Academy of Historical Arts Study Guide series, it is intended to serve as a study guide for practitioners of historical fencing who work with this weapon, or who would like to begin learning its style. Instructors will also find it helpful as it provides plenty of contextual information to use for illustrating lessons, and anecdotes to help students engage with the system.

Contained within is all the information required for self-study of two fascinating disciplines, Scottish broadsword and British singlestick, with salient points for study for people who do not have the luxury of regular access to a teacher. For practitioners who do receive regular tuition, this book will not replace input from your teacher, but will instead supplement it and offer a greater awareness and understanding of the context of the art that you study.