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Rapier Gloves
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Gloves - Rapier and Singlestick

31 Reviews
Product Code: Glove.Rapier
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Pair of Gloves - Rapier and Singlestick

Soft leather gloves that are comfortable to wear and give a better grip on your weapon while offering significant forearm protection. They allow the use of a compound hilt or smaller hilt with ample finger dexterity.

See Sizing tab for more information.
  • Kevlar knuckles and padded fingers offer extra protection.
  • Significantly less bulky than other padded gloves, with light padding on the wrist and fingers.
  • Better for using in a hilt.
  • A longer cuff protects the forearm.
  • Quality material at an affordable price.
  • Cleaning Instructions here.

Customer Review
"In addition these are the best gloves we have used for both our Shinkage heiho and Owari Kan Ryu sojutsu, and for our “weapons workouts.” I have been trying out different gloves for the past 30 some odd years, and yours are the best I’ve used in that time. They provide the best back of the fist and knuckle protection, and the length of the cuff is ideal for the Shinkage training."

XXXS = Less than 5.5"(140mm)
XXS = 6"(150mm) - 6-3/8" (160mm)

Reference ONLY: Middle Finger Tube Length:
Your finger length will not line up exactly with the tube. Everyones fingers length are slightly different and the gloves perform fine. Hand width is more important.

XXS Rapier:
XS Rapier: x in (xxmm)
S Rapier:x in (mm)
M Rapier: in (xxxmm)
L Rapier: (xxxmm)
XL Rapier: 3-3/8" (85mm)
XXL Rapier:3-3-8" (85mm)


Average Rating:
( 31 )
Summer from Minneapolis, MN United States
March 27, 2024
Great Multi-Purpose Gloves
This is my second pair, and honestly I didn't need them other than I wanted a better fit--my first ones lasted four years before a seam started coming out and they are still in great shape for use after an easy repair. My only gripe is the most recent gloves arrived smelling horribly of cigarette smoke and machine oil. Luckily a few days outside make them tolerable.
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T from VA, US
March 23, 2024
Good quality, very wide.
They're much wider than the size would suggest. I followed the sizing instructions, and the advice in reviews to order smaller. The gloves are the perfect length in the fingers, but much wider than they need to be. If you have average sized guy hands, a medium is probably big enough.
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Anonymous Person
February 23, 2024
Weird proportions + size 2 down from your usual
Got 3XS, the smallest, based on general sizing consensus and it still seems a bit comically large. The thickness of the material obviously doesn't scale down, so it takes force to close my hand, and the fingers are...flat? Not enough volume vertically, and too long. The non-thumb fingers are disproportionately long compared to the thumb, or the placement of the thumb pocket is too far down, which
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cesar antonio contreras lado from Mexico City, Mexico City Mexico
October 10, 2023
Proven quality
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Giles Holtby from Singaprore, Singapore Singapore
March 1, 2023
The perfect sabre/glove.
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