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Wukusi Sallet 1600N/350N - Custom

Wukusi Sallet 1600N/350N - Custom

5-8 Months
Product Code: WU.MASK.SALLET.C
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Wukusi Sallet Mask Custom Color/Size

See Sizing tab for more information.
Measure your head using a soft tape measure. Lay the tape measure underneath your chin, up one side of the head at the ear, over the top of the head, down the other side of the head at the ear, and ending back at your chin. Keep the tape measure fairly firm for an accurate measure.

Mask Weight Comparisons
Wukusi Mask, Large:
Wukusi Mask, Medium: 4.6lbs (2.1 kg)
PBT #1 = 3.2lbs (1.45kg)
PBT #1 Warrior = 4.2lbs. (1.9kg)
AF Basic Medium = 2.6 lbs. (1.18kg)
AF Deluxe Medium = 4.4 lbs. (2 kg)


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