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Cup Hilt Rapier Cup Hilt Rapier, Bellatore

Cup Hilt Rapier made by Bellatore

Price: $245.00
Cup Hilt Rapier Longsword, 1419, XVa, Bellatore

The XVa type of long sword is one of the most popular in fourteenth and fifteenth century Europe. For this reason it is present among the usual weapons of both nobles and bourgeoisie. The design of its blade is specifically thought to counteract the armor. As a consequence, it maintains a good balance between its use with powerful lunges and cutting capacity. This therefore makes this long sword the perfect tool for studying fencing by both Lichtenauer and Fiore. This model is inspired by the piece from the Philadelphia museum collection. With two versions, one with a short grip (like the original) and the other with a long grip, more comfortable for HEMA gloves. The flexible blade made of spring steel is suitable for use in training (stainless steel guard for easy maintenance).

Price: $426.00