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Absolute Force Plastic Fencing Mask AF Plastic Fencing Mask

The Absolute all new Plastic Mask, great training tool for young fencers.

This mask is for use with only light plastic foils or light foam practice weapons. Not for use with Metal Weapons or plastic trainer such as our Basic trainers, or Pentii models.

Ships separately from other items in your order. If you order more than one, shipping will show up crazy price, we will adjust.

See Sizing tab for more information.

Price: $42.00
Padded Shortsword, Medium Weight Padded Shortsword, Medium Weight

Padded Shortsword, Medium Weight

Price: $42.00
Padded Saber Heavy Padded Saber Heavy

Padded Sabre

Price: $46.00

Padded Longsword, Medium Weight Padded Longsword, Medium Weight

Medium weight padded longsword, best for youth.

Price: $49.75

Padded Longsword, Heavy Weight Padded Longsword, Heavy Weight

HEMA quality heavier weight longsword.

Price: $54.75