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ProGauntlet ProGauntlet Mk1

ProGauntlet pre-order is now open.

June 1, 2021 Update:

We did receive our first shipment of gauntlets, it was not enough to fill all orders! We have to wait for more to be produced and shipped to us.

We will contact everyone when the next shipment arrives who will be getting those to verify addresses, if you do not hear from us we did not get enough for your order.

We are happy to announce we are now taking pre-orders for the small and medium size gauntlets.

Those sizes will be delivered later in 2021.

We are still expecting Large (or the prototype size) to begin shipping May 2021)

If you have tried on the prototype gauntlet that we have carried to various events since Longpoint (with the purple fabric), the May 2021 production run is that size (now called Large). If that one did not fit you, then future batch(es) will be made with more variety, both larger and smaller.

Here is a link to the ProGauntlet site where you can enter your measurements. They will keep your measurements on file for their future production planning. They ask everyone ordering to go to their site and enter the information for their sizing research.

This item purchase is a pre-order, gloves will be as soon as possible.

We will charge your card now and orders will be shipped when the product arrives. We will close the order (so as not to clog our cart) so you will receive a notice, but nothing is being shipped at this time. When we receive the gloves and ship you will receive tracking at that time.

Please do not order any other products on the same order, we will cancel the other items and ask you to split the order. An order of ProGauntlets should only contain them. You can order multiple pairs if you like.

Indiegogo backers: you should have already received an email with instructions on your purchase. We will not be processing or filling these orders.

Purpleheart Armoury is the exclusive distributor of ProGauntlet in the US, South America and Australia. We have worked very hard to be ready to provide these for you and will get these delivered as soon as we are able.

Any other questions about size, etc. can be directed to the ProGauntlet FAQ here (coming soon)

See Sizing tab for more information.

Price: $459.00