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Rattan Quarterstaff

Staff - Rattan w/Skin- Round 1.25" x 84" (7ft)

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Product Code: Rattan.1.25x84.Skin2
Much lighter in weight than the hickory and more flexible. But it can really take a beating.

With skin is better for impact, but may be rough or splintery.
Without skin is smother, so better for thrusting/sliding spear work. But may get damaged when hit.
Used mostly for heavy striking weapons, axes, polehammers.
Skinless rattan is used for sliding/thrusting weapons such as spears.
The 1.25" at 7' long has a little flex to it overall.

1-1/4" (31.75mm) diameter x 7' (84")
Fairly consistent at 1-1/4" along full length.
Average weight of about 1.75 lbs.
Will not be perfectly straight. Its rattan, not an arrow.
Nodes are not always sanded.

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Dan LaPierre from Calgary, AB Canada
February 9, 2024
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Blast Tyrant
August 30, 2023
Strong wood, feels good to swing
Heavy, feels sturdy and durable, only issue is that one is a bit thicker than the other, probably closer to 1.5" than 1.25"
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Michael Byrd from Plymouth, MI United States
October 19, 2022
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Rattan bo
We do alot of combat drills at our club and brek a lot of bos. Your rattan bo are exactly what our dojo need. Thanks!
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O Fa Lan from NJ United States
September 15, 2022
Skinned Ratan Staff
Excellent, could not be happier with the staffs. Tailored each to length and a bit of 220 grit here and there and training using both.
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Robert D from Phoenix, AZ United States
November 30, 2021
great staff (double entendre!)
Received my rattan staff about a week ago and it has been great. It's a little thinner than I expected, but otherwise, it looks and feels perfect. Great customer service, very prompt in their replies. Thank you!
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